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Form Over Function

Westrock supplies the finest quality conflict-free diamonds in Canada. We pride ourselves on offering a vast selection of high quality stones at the most competitive prices.


Our diamonds come from conflict-free mines located in Africa, Russia, Brazil, and Canada. The mines that we work with operate under peace-enforcing regulations and have received the Kimberley Process Certification.

Following extraction, the rough diamonds are shipped to Israel, where they are carefully inspected, measured, and categorized in order to be cut into the best quality gems that they can yield.

These catalogued stones make their way to Mumbai where they are cut into magnificent diamonds with the use of top-notch industrial grade tools. This is the stage during which the rough stones are transformed into enchanting brilliants, cushion cuts and everything in between. The stones are then sent back to Israel to be entered into the global trading market or sent to specific countries depending on purchasing trends.

At Westrock, we source our diamonds in compliance with the local demand. The stones that we acquire especially for you are either pre-certified by Gem Scan Laboratories or certified by GIA.


Westrock Diamonds works with the leading craftsmen in Italy to sources manufactured jewels from high fashion industry leaders in Italy. In addition to our in-house custom productions, we stock a lucrative range of Italian made jewelry and ring mounts, ready to accept the perfect centre jewel that you’ve picked out.

We have a partnership with the luxury brand Sauro and are an exclusive authorized retailer for the brand. Sauro specialized in precision engineered ceramic and gold men’s jewelry.